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Polish your Polish!

Are you planning to stay in Poland for a longer time? Or maybe you plan to get married? Whatever your reasons are it is much easier to survive when you know the language – don’t you think? And the Poles love when foreigners try to speak their language – you will appreciate it!


So if you want to learn Polish you should choose Progres – quick and effective courses of Polish for Foreigners in Łódź. We will help you with the process of integration and adaptation to the Polish lifestyle.


How to start

If you want to start immediately the best way is to choose individual tuition. One-to-one courses are the best for those who need to start to communicate in basics immediately, as the course is tailored to meet your individual needs. One-to-one tuition is available online – for those who plan to come to Poland or are located outside Łódź – or face-to-face with the teacher in the school.


The price: PLN 85 per hour (45 min)
If you already live in Łódź you can choose our semester courses with classes taking place twice a week. The group starts the course as soon as there are 5 people enrolled. Subscribe now by clicking on the link below!

Choose your course:

*Nowe grupy są tworzone co tydzień. Do startu grupy potrzeba minimum 4 osób.


J. Polski

Polish for foreigners


for beginners

60 teaching hours

1499 zł/semester

Manual: information at the secretariat

There is no course that interests you?

Write or call us and learn about the possibility of conducting the course in an individual mode.

Benefits Package

Teachers are focusing on the individual needs of students

Native speakers of Polish, fully-qualified to teach it as a foreign language

School is centrally located and easily accessible from anywhere in the city

You will learn not only language but also Polish culture, Polish literature and Polish „Slang”

We teach all language aspects like speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension.

We also provide courses of Polish for Special purposes – like Polish in Business, Exam Preparation for future Residents, Technical Polish etc